The development of an appropriate and effective visual identity is a foundational step for any successful company, organization, event or venue.


Calling attention to your business, enhancing its image, creating an effective message and getting it out on the appropriate media or platforms.


More than just a logo, a comprehensive branding program involves addressing all of the elements that affect the perception of your business.


Magazines, newsletters, annual reports, books and journals are options for packaging content and making it available to your audiance.

About Glenn Hammett

After earning a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Glenn returned to Bakersfield where he worked at a local advertising agency and did freelance work before landing a job with The Bakersfield Californian. In his 31-year career there as ad graphics supervisor, marketing coordinator, design editor and art director, Glenn worked on and managed a wide array of projects, including ad campaigns, newspaper redesigns, info-graphics, websites, magazines and corporate branding programs.

The vision for G Design is to utilize Glenn’s skills and experience to provide creative, professional visual solutions for clients locally and beyond. 

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